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13 October 2008, 14:25 UTCGoing To Textpattern
I am switching this over to a different blogging platform. Aether had been great, but too time consuming. It doesn't look good after all that I have done with it. I hope any readers will join me there.

New Blog


7 September 2008, 21:39 UTCI Mourn The Old Growth Too!

Where is Mann going to his next hockey stick from?


7 September 2008, 17:31 UTCThat's What I'm Talking About


31 August 2008, 20:12 UTCGlobal Warming Makes People Eat More "homemade goat cheese"

Report Confirms Four Austrians Suffer Tick-borne Encephalitis from Cheese

Medical experts confirmed on Thursday that four people recently fell ill with tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in western Austria after eating homemade goats’ cheese.

A shepherd in western Vorarlberg province, who had checked into hospital in July with flu-like symptoms, was found to have the illness following a blood test.

But the man said he had noticed no tick bites, the usual method of transmission, two experts from the Institute of Virology at Vienna Medical University wrote in an article published Thursday.

Doctors finally traced the cause of the illness to the cheese, which the shepherd had made from unpasteurised [sic] goat’s and cow’s milk on an isolated pasture at over 1,560-metre (5,120-feet) altitude.

Three other members of his family, who had not been on the pasture, also exhibited flu-like symptoms and headaches.

Further tests found that one of the goats, whose milk had been used to make the cheese, as well as other animals who had eaten leftovers, had developed TBE anti-bodies, meaning they had also been infected.

Ticks were believed until now to be found only below 1,350-metre altitude, but this may have changed due to global warming, the experts said.

Cases of TBE infections via dairy products were reported in recent years almost exclusively in Baltic countries.

But the question remains... Who in the @#$% wants to eat homemade unpasteurized goat cheese?

If congress pushes through this cap and trade crap then we might all be living this kind of third world life style, and then the threat of global warming really would have caused an increase in TBE. So, the real problem here is congress the global warming hoax.

hat tip

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11 August 2008, 22:08 UTCNow I Understand The Urgency Of Global Warming!
This rug has really hit it home with me. I really see myself in the movie Waterworld. Can you imagine being surrounded by water? Just sit on this rug and imagine the possibilities of a world completely immersed in water. Then look at the poor Polar Bear! Sure their numbers are up right now, but global warming is hurting them. That is why they were put on the endangered species list. They will soon die off. They can only swim 200 miles.

I swear if I don't get one of these rugs for christmas I am going to...

Just reading the advertisement will make you cry:

"the loneliness of a small polar bear surrounded by nothing communicates the urgency of the message. the global warming rug is a proposition of hope; the potential for a better future, a possible world."

Really makes me want to inflate my tires.

It also makes me wonder what the albedo of this rug might be. Is this rug made from oil products?

Hat Tip Tim Blair


8 August 2008, 17:30 UTCWind Power Sucks
If you have ever thought that wind energy is a good idea then you need to read this.

To quote:

Wind power is intermittent, unreliable, noisy and expensive (even with subsidies). Many modern turbines are 400 feet tall and carry 130-foot-long, 7-ton blades that slice up raptors and other birds. They operate only 8 hours a day, on average, compared to 85% of the time for coal, gas and nuclear plants. They rarely provide power during peak summer daytime hours, when air-conditioning demand is highest, but wind speed is low to nonexistent.

Using wind to replace all gas-fired power plants would require some 300,000 1.5-MW turbines, covering Midwestern “wind belt” acreage equivalent to South Carolina. The noise, scenic impacts and bird kills caused by such an “eco-friendly” energy source defy imagination.

You sure don't hear this stuff on the news, do you?


4 July 2008, 11:38 UTCGravity Waves
Gravity waves are really cool, and the lenticular clouds from a gravity wave are one of my favorite clouds. They are so pretty. I lived on the East side of the Rockies for a while. Very frequently a lenticular cloud would form on the lee side of the mountains and stay in the same spot all day. I came across this video today, and it was quite awe inspiring.

The terrain induced gravity waves usually stay put. There are a lot of ways that a gravity way can set up. Anything that can perturb the flow of the atmosphere can set one up, but the atmosphere in that layer needs to be really stable. Here is a fairly good explanation.

I have seen smaller ones that move like this induced by thunderstorms, but I have never been fortunate enough to watch one of this size in motion.

Really makes me wonder how common this is. I know the terrain induced ones in Denver and along the front range happen all the time, but it can't be very often that the stability needed for these happens that far ahead of a fast moving cold front. I found a cool satellite loop of one of these cold front induced gravity waves from the Storm Prediction Center. I will keep watching for a good loop of a terrain induced one and post it here. It should not take that long as they happen all the time.


26 June 2008, 19:20 UTCfollowing link-backs

It is always quite interesting to check the internets for pages that link back to this one. I recently wrote a piece about why oil companies are not drilling on acres that they have leased. It turned out to be the most linked to article that I have ever had. That makes a body feel good.

The first link-back was from a forum, that said my article was a "reasonable answer to" this question:

Mac-7 wrote:

"Suppose there isn't very much oil on those lands? It would not make sense to put up derricks if they weren't going to get oil there.

But since the Democrats make such a fuss about those leases I wonder what their guess is why the oil companies are not pumping the oil you think is down there?"

This was very nice. I feel like I am smart all of a sudden. Mac-7 even responded with:

Thanks for that information.

I think leasing land that turns out to not have oil is a risk that oil companies are used to making.

Oil men are gamblers at heart and used to taking chances.

But since Democrats and greens are implying a sinister motive for not collecting all the oil they say is on those leases why not sell the oil companies leases offshore?

If no drilling and no harm has been done to the current leases it would be foolish for the greens not to take advantage of the stupid oil companies who buy leases they don't use.

What are the greens afraid of?

Well, the greens are afraid to do anything that might provide energy. They will not be happy until we all live in grass huts, and walk everywhere. Then Corruption Control had to chime in:

#1. The source is a blog which has no credibility. #2. I didn't spend hours looking for the authors name but i did read the article and saw no name attached to the article. #3. Cheaper to hold the lease than drill?? that is nonsense if not enough oil to be feasable (sic) let the lease go and stop wasting money.

#1. He later links to another blog (dailymail) and calls it fact that was done by an expert.

#2. My name and credentials are clearly on the ABOUT page that you will find a link to at the top.

#3. I am sure they would let the lease go if they could. Usually they call it a lease for a reason.

The next link-back was from a forum, that quoted this from my article:

any smart business would go around buying these leases, for a minimum of $26,700 for 670 acres (which is the minimum size), and then never using them?

Then went said this:

This made me laugh. OOOooh! $26,700! I bet Exxon would have a hell of a time scrapping together that money. $26,700 is the freaking ANNUAL rate, which means that you are talking about $40 a acre annually or about $3.33 a month per acre. This for a company that just made a profit of $39.5 BILLION. That's PROFIT not operating expenses.

So, doing some quick math, just the PROFIT that ONE company makes, they could lease about 11.9 BILLION acres of land. Since the surface of the United States is about 2.3 billion acres they could easily lease the entire country 5 times over. I am sure that there are some connies (sic) that would like to see that happen.

THAT is how they can afford to lease land and then not use it.

I guess I should not have thrown that figure out. It may be a bit misleading. that is just for the lease of the land. Once you throw in fees, licenses, research and operating costs, it is millions per acre.

The oil companies are not going to throw that away lightly.

They would still have to spend outrageous amounts of money to actually extract the oil. The government needs to let them DRILL!!

laissez faire


24 June 2008, 10:18 UTCBig Oil Execs Are Pansies

I was watching C-SPAN a few weeks ago, and this oil exec was asked by a congressman, "why aren't you spending more money on creating alternative fuels". He said it in a deep authoritarian voice that would make about anyone tremble.

The Executive said something like, "uh, well, uh, we are spending quite a bit on those kinds of projects, and uh, I guess we could, uh..."

He should have said, "I am in the OIL business. We don't spend a lot on curing AIDS either. Our profits go into the exploration and extraction of more oil."

That is like asking a restaurant owner why he does not give more to grocery stores.

The whole thing is asinine. Big oil companies are not the ones responsible for finding alternative fuels. We are! The free market is. The citizens of the United States of America are responsible for it. I guarantee that any company or individual that comes up with a viable alternative energy will be handsomely rewarded by the free market. Raising the taxes on oil revenues under the guise that the money will be spent on alternative fuels makes no sense. Especially when a politicians idea of alternative fuels is putting copies of An Inconvenient Truth in every classroom.

Well another chance for Oil Company CEO's to prove themselves has emerged. Dr. James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, made a publicity stunt yesterday.

"Special interests have blocked the transition to our renewable energy future," Hansen writes in an opinion piece posted on the institute's Web site. "Instead of moving heavily into renewable energies, fossil fuel companies choose to spread doubt about global warming, just as tobacco companies discredited the link between smoking and cancer. Methods are sophisticated, including funding to help shape school textbook discussions of global warming."

I guarantee they have done no such thing. They have been extremely silent on this issue, when they really need to be out there telling the truth. So, taking advantage of their silence Dr. Hansen comes in kicking while they are down.

"CEOs of fossil energy companies know what they are doing and are aware of the long-term consequences of continued business as usual," Hansen continues. "In my opinion, these CEOs should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature."

You see Hansen knows they are pansies. He knows that they could never be tried, because they would win. He knows that if a trial like that ever happened global warming would be on trial and it would lose. He also knows that just by saying scares people and makes them hate big oil exec's.

I say they should call his bluff! Sue him now for defamation of character. Tell him if he does not bring this lawsuit on he will get his pants sued off.

Anthony Watts has audio clips of Dr. Hansen's Diatribe


19 June 2008, 20:00 UTCRemembering Jo Abbess
Do you remember Jo Abbess? That sweet lady that put the BBC in it's place?

She has some wonderful ideas about how the world should be.

We need both producer and consumer caps and controls.

Thus it is essential that the nations do Cap-and-something at the upstream end of things.

But they must ALSO do Carbon Rationing for the Citizens, or the whole thing will tip into chaos.

Look at what is happening to the Economies as a result of Peak Oil, and you will understand my meaning.

Peak Oil is such a wonderful theory. I am really glad that I was taught that one in High School. Although, it is really hard for me to think about Peak Oil, when the news is constantly telling us about OPEC increasing or decreasing oil production by millions of barrels a day at the drop of a hat. North America has more oil than the middle east, but the oil companies are not allowed to exploit it. Then the real truth comes out... Oil companies (The Devil) are stockpiling leases.

But I digress, she goes on to describe a lovely world.

If you place restrictions on the consumer end, through Rationing, price mechanisms, economic recession, the consumers complain so badly they can bring down governments, the producers start doing propaganda in all the mainstream media.

I often dream of living in a world where I must hunt and gather everyday. I have always thought that refrigerators were a bad idea.

laissez faire

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